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Carley Rudd

A letter from our President,

Hello! I am Carley Rudd, the current Chapter President of the Kappa Eta chapter of Alpha Phi at the University of Florida. It is with great pride that I represent the astounding women of this chapter.

Choosing Alpha Phi was one of the easiest decisions I made when I came to UF. As an out-of-state student, I struggled adapting to living all alone in a different state. However, in Alpha Phi,I was instantly welcomed into the chapter with open arms and have not stopped feeling valued and appreciated since. I continue to fall more in love with Alpha Phi for how I have grown as a person through the opportunities and the support Kappa Eta has given me. I am so grateful for each and every woman in this chapter and truly could not imagine myself anywhere else.

Alpha Phi’s mission is for our loyal sisterhood of women to courageously pursue limitless excellence. We all continue to revolve ourselves around our four high ideals of membership which are sisterhood, innovation, generosity, and character. We always lend a helping hand to one another and where our motto “union hand in hand” can be seen. We continue to push for greatness, not only in ourselves, but also in each other.


As president, I can only hope I can give back to this chapter what it was given me which is cherished memories, amazing sisters, and a forever home. I hope you enjoy our website and learn more about what our distinguished organization represents.​


Carley Rudd


Vice President
of Health, Wellness,
And Accountability 

Jessica Giang


Vice President
of Community Relations

Anneliese Ottinger


Vice President
of Finance

Elizabeth Dell


Vice President
of Marketing

Mary Reagan Phillips


Vice President
of Recruitment

Olivia Pieser



Miranda Olenick


Vice President
Member Education & Experience 

Carli Schell


Vice President
of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Ray Harwood



Maggie Bustamante